Well, as you can see below, the surgery was successful and I was able to come home on Friday night, instead of having to stay overnight.   So…………now that this is done, what is next?

I have to wait at least one month before the activation of the new devices for both ears.  The reason is that they want to be sure that the surgery site is healed completely and that there is no complication from being able to put on the external device.


The above link is my new system that I will be getting.  So many new toys and amazing advancements since I got the first one done back in 2007.   This will be my third upgrade, and perhaps the most advance technology yet.

And guess what?   Its not done being advanced.  As more technology becomes available, there is no limits to what this will bring to my “dead” ears!

More to come after April 20 and 21st.



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