All that is left to do for my left ear implantation is to wait until Friday to check in.  It is now March 15th, and I am eagerly waiting for Friday, March 18th.   This journey and the first cochlear implant journey were two completely different journeys.  (Scroll through this blog to the beginning to read about that journey).

You will see almost nothing that happened back then in 2008 that happened here.  That journey was almost a two or three year journey to get the first one done.  This journey had a lot of delays, false starts (Almost had it done in South Dakota, but we moved here before anything happened).  This time, the subject was brought up in a regular conversation with my PCP and next thing you know, I was being scheduled for a consultation, and then a meeting with the surgeon.  It was almost whirlwind.  Mind boggling really.

But I am looking forward to it.  Will it help with possible career movements?  I hope so, but if you read the last post, who knows?

For those wondering, I will have the surgery on March 18th, which is one day after my beloved Uncle Danny’s birthday (RIP, I love you Danny).  On April 20th, we will head back to Danville (PA) for the activation moment.  That will be a two appointment, so we are going to stay in Danville overnight to because it is an almost 2 hour drive.  My wife may video tape it or record it on some device, (we don’t know yet).  I am going to post the first activation video (repost it actually) when I find the files.  You will like the almost 2 hour video!!!

Keep us in your prayers this weekend.  We will need them.