It is never a good thing (or a healthy thing) to be satisfied with where you are as a writer (or in my case, a poet).   As I write this, I am looking back to about twelve years ago when my third or fourth book came out (not sure of the years but they are listed on my LinkedIn site).  As I re-read the manuscripts, I tried to re-hash the moments that I wrote those poems and thoughts.   The state of mind that I was in during my mid-20s is completely different from the state of mind that I am currently in in my mid-30s.   Back then, I was longing for someone to love, longing to have a career, and pretty much looking to “start living my life.”  I did not have the cochlear implant at that time so my world was a little different then. 

Before I go on, this is not a “Wish I knew then what I know now” kind of post.  It is purely a reflection of my evolution as a writer. 

In my early twenties and until I turned 27 (pre-cochlear implant), I was writing at every moment that I could about everything that I could possibly think of.  Nothing was off limits.  It was just as the old saying goes, “A writer writes always.”   That is probably why I don’t ever remember getting a good night’s sleep during that period of my life.  I was living alone, in Aliquippa, and pretty much daydreaming my life away, living it out in the words that I had written.   My writing took a boost when my good friend, Michael Duncan and I co-wrote a song that ended up being the title track for his band’s debut album (Hope For Tomorrow, The Mike Duncan Project).   At that point, I decided to focus more on trying to get more songs published and performed.  Shawn Meyer, another good friend and great musician, took one of my poems and created a beautiful song, “One Sweet Day.”  (I am still hoping he has it somewhere so I can hear it again). 

Back to the purpose of this post:  I have recently begin looking at some of my older works and looking to recreate them with some people that I have met living here in State College.  The thinking that I had when I first wrote these works and the thinking that I have now (as a grown-up individual……don’t laugh…..) are night and day.  I am looking through the ones that have been published in my four books as well as the ones that I did not publish.  I am hoping to be able to recapture the original inspiration, but at the  same time looking to add my maturity to the overall essence of the piece.   I feel that my life from age 27 to now at age 34 will give me that inspiration to continue, modify or recreate those poems.   By maturity, I am talking about being a married man, with a college degree working on my Masters while maintaining a household with my wife.   

With that being said, in the future posts I am going to try to post both the original and the modified piece to see where I have came from and where I am going.   If you have a favorite piece that I have shared (either from my website, or from my emails or on Facebook or in my books) and would like to know if I can add to it or modify it, let me know and I will see what I can do.