There has been a lot of changes since I wrote the last post…..I did not go through with the second implant, and my wife and I have since moved from South Dakota to State College.  I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Human Resources at Penn State, and I am also looking for a new job (I am still with the same company, just a different store).    In the meantime, I have decided to see if I should go in another direction as far as this blog is concerned.  I am going to keep the old posts for those who are visiting from my website.  I admit that I do need to update that website, and I probably will in the summer when I have no classes going on.  

Now my main question to ask is “Which direction should I take this blog?”   I could write about sports, which I do love.  Or even about my educational journey, seeing that I am still in school working on my Masters.  But I feel that blogs should be about a variety of topics, about everyday events, and everyday thoughts.   No two entries should be the same although I did write something similiar to this post earlier in the life of the site. 

I want this to be a source of encouragment, funny stories, and ideas that makes you think.  I know there are not many subscribers to this website,  and I hardly think that I am going to be well-known for writing my thoughts.   There are about a gazillion blogs out there, and even though I hardly read a lot of them, there are some that do catch my eye.  Usually its from someone posting it on Facebook or Twitter.  Otherwise, I would have never found out about those blogs. 

On a different note, I went through an Apple Iphone phase.  I wanted to see what it would be like to have one so I went and got the Iphone 6 in November of 2014.  Did I like it?  It was okay, but in the long run, I missed my Galaxy and the Android.  So the first chance I could, I swapped with my wife, and got the Note 4.  Also I sold my ipad, and I am now typing on my Galaxy Pro Tablet.  This is pretty cool.   

Not sure of what else to say, so I am going to end this post with a thought.   “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.”   Yeah, the golden rule