Today I had my annual checkup with my cochlear implant at University of South Dakota, and it was a major improvement from the last time I was there.  In one test, I went from 73% to 77% in being able to repeat back words and sentences while sitting in the little soundproof blue room.    It is a major accomplishment for me as I started out scoring in the upper 60% a few year ago with my original cochlear implant. 

Then the visit got interesting.  My audiologist and I were talking about the possiblity of getting the second (left ear) implanted.  I have been privately thinking about doing this for a long time, and I believe in my heart of hearts that its time to pursue this again.  I have tried twice in the past to get it done while living in Pittsburgh, but to no avail. Now that I settled, with a good job, and graduated from Penn State, I think the opportunity is there to do it this time.  I have my own private insurance from work, and I think it is worth a try. 

I was assured that it is a sure thing that it will be successful.  Since I have not had any use of left ear ever since I got the right ear implanted, my audiologist warned that the nerve may be dormant, and my brain may not catch up to it. The device will work, but how I, more specifically, my brain responds is the question that needs to be answered.   Will the nerve that carries the sound be able to catch up and allow me to use them?  Who knows? 

But we will never know until we try.  In the meantime, on June 30th, I am starting the process of a series of tests and doctors appointments to get the ball rolling.   Its all in God’s hands now.  If the insurance says its good to go, then I will pursue the surgery hopefully this summer. 

Its going to be a series that I will call 360 hearing.  right now I am only hearing out of the right ear, and nothing is being done out of the left ear.  I want to experience the fullness of both ears, and allow myself to hear even more.  My wife did bring up some interesting points in that I do suffer from migraines, but in the end, I think the negative outweights the postitive. 

So stay tuned for what could be an interesting summer.