Before you read this poem, this is what you need to know.  I have been thinking of using the statement “one lost one” in a poem for a long time.  This song is almost like an alternative song, with no real meaning behind it.  This poem does not in any way depict how I am feeling, or what I am going through in my life at this moment.  I just wrote the poem because I wanted to use the statement “one lost one” for the longest time, and this is what came out of that statement.   Hope you enjoy, and as always, send me comments to my email if you know it, or post a comment below!!!


One Lost One

if the rain just  keeps falling

why haven’t I been washed

if the sun just keeps shining

why haven’t I been dried

It seems like everything has gone against the grain

There’s nothing to be said

There’s nothing to be done

Nothing seems to be clear

On this road and path that I am on

Does it really mean that I am one lost one?

One lost one  —  one found one

One believe one  — one known one

Am I really that one confused one?