I’ll bring You more than a song/For a song in itself/is not what You have required/You search much deeper within/Through the way things appear/You’re looking into my heart….

(Heart of Worship, Matt Redman)


Today I have finally got the piece that was broken fixed.  Actually, it came in the mail.  It is amazing how such a little piece can make a major difference in whether or not I hear.   The same applies to batteries.  If I don’t have batteries, I don’t hear.  Simply as that.   I finally went back to work tonight, and I have to tell you, I have never felt so much better.  Ever since Thursday night when I discovered the broken piece, I went into a very deep funk, almost a depression.  My wife even made a comment that I was a completely different person in days since.

Today, the piece (battery holder) finally came by FedEx, and when I turned it on, I have to tell you……it was like I was born again.  The world came alive, and all the sounds that I was so used to hearing around my place just popped out at me.  I felt like a huge burden was lifted.

Anyways, tonight at work, as I was working alone, as usual, the above verse kept popping in my head.  Its from a great worship song by Matt Redman.  The reason this verse kept popping in my head was because deep inside, I believe that this happened for a reason.  I had taken the fact that I am  able to hear for granted, and I have forgotten what it meant to me to be able to have this gift from God.    God gave me this gift five years ago, and I have gotten away from giving back to Him.    In the course of my work tonight, I had two conversations with two different people about hearing aids, and cochlear implants.  One lady had just moved here to Yankton, and was asking me for whom to go to in order to have her own cochlear implant checked up.  I gave her the audiologist that I am currently working with, and told her that she will be taken care of if she goes to her.   The other family was a family that I have helped and spoke with on numerous occasions about their own experiences as a deaf family.    This all happened within one hour of each other.   Not long after the last encounter, the verse began popping into my head, and I caught myself singing it to myself.    It made me think of how selfish I was to take for granted that I have this capability to hear with this amazing technology, and it is not to be taken lightly.  God gave me this gift, and He also gave me a purpose…..to reach others and to teach others about cochlear implants and to share my amazing story concerning how He came through for me.     He allowed this past weekend to happen so He search into my heart, and to see where I really was with Him.

Now I know where I am, and my faith has be restored, and I have a renewed passion for sharing and teaching others about the cochlear implants.    If you can, listen to the song.  Its a great way to restore your faith.