It has been awhile since I have been on here. In the past four months, my life has completely been changed. Where do I begin????….For starters, I got married in June to a wonderful beautiful woman. The light of my life. The one who makes me happy….makes me smile…Ok…you get the picture.
Also, I have been so entrenched in my school (Penn State, baby!) and even though this summer I am only taking one class, Psych 200 (basically a Statistics class), that class (and its a four credit class) is kicking my behind in learning. Who knew that making a data graph and trying to interpret it was such hard work???? Plus my job is not being easy on me making me work such wacked out hours…mostly late shifts, and I don’t like that. I am not complaining….I am glad I have a job, but still….

So back to the title…..Am I still a poet? Do I still write? Sometimes…but mostly its a no to the second question. The first question I still wonder about, and just the other night, a sleepless night at that, I pulled out an old notebook, and jotted this poem down. Take a peek. Comments are welcomed : )

Do you know how long it has been
Since I have laid my words down?
I can’t even remember
But you know what they say
Once a poet — always a poet
I can’t even remember how it feels
to flow my words onto the paper
So many events to be inspired by
So much joys — so much excitement
I had gotten caught up on this thing
called life
I had simply forgotten how it feels like
To be a poet
And so I wonder — am I still a poet?