Just the other day, Tammy asked me if I would like to get the second implant.  I love my implant on my right ear,  and early on in the process of getting that implant, I had thought about getting the second implant.  But I have decided against it at the time, and just wanted to live with this implant for the time being.  Now, the time has come again for me to think about getting the second implant.

I am going through the process of Social Security in the state of South Dakota, and they have asked me to take a hearing test for them to determine if I am really deaf…..Seriously???  Yes, I know.  But somehow, because of the life that I live, I have been able to live a life that most hearing impaired or deaf people struggle to live.  I live with my bride to be, I am working a little, and I attend classes online at PSU (Penn State).    But I am deaf, and I want to “take advantage” of this as much as I can.  When I told her they wanted me to take a hearing test, she brought up the notion that they might want me to get a second implant.  I had completely forgotten about doing that until she mentioned it.  Now…….I am wondering……….again.  Should I?

Your comments would be nice, and appreciated.