i cannot believe it has been one year since I have gotten the cochlear implant. I have been able to do so many things and experience so many things, I do not know where to begin. In the past year, I have gone through so much, its hard to put down into words what I am thinking, and what I experienced. Keep in mind that I was hearing things for the first time, and that I was going through emotional periods of adjustments, and of trying to figure out what and where things were coming from.

My greatest experiences (in order).
1. Hearing my mother’s voice, my sister’s voice, my brother’s voice, and my nieces voices. The day that I heard them for the first time was raining, and it was cold those days.
2. Telling my mother to quit yelling at me. She said that she was not used to me having “this thing.”
3 Third Day Concert. Fourth Row. Greatest show I have been to. I was able to hear the music, and understand what was being said.
4. Pirates Game with Sandy Wilson. It was actually my second game, but the first one was rained out. Sandy and I sat right behind first base, and we got to the park a little early, so I could take it all in. Sitting there, and hearing all the sounds of the park inspired the poem, “Music Of The Ballpark” and made me fall in love with baseball all over again.
5. AFC Playoff Game (Steelers Vs Jaguars) with my brother. This was actually my second trip to Heinz Field with the implant, but the first one took place right after my turn on date, so it was still new. This time around, being used to the sounds, I was able to actually enjoy the game, and all the Steeler Manics that were all around us. It was a wet game, a Steeler lost, but it was still an awesome experience.
6. The Mike Duncan Project opening up for Aaron Shust. Being first row allowed me to get fully adjusted to the sounds, and it was a great concert put forth by my buddy, Mike.
7. Talking on the phone. I don’t have to explain this one to you. Just being able to talk on the phone to various people, and not be dependant on others to make the calls for me…….huge breakthrough for me.
There you have it. I have a lot more experiences to share, but they will all be told in my next book, which I am currently working on right now.
Some Things I Am Still Wanting To Happen (in no order)
Visit To Tullahoma to hear my friend’s voices
A walk through the forest
A night out in the forest